Vanessa Skiles is an artist living in the Northwest Suburbs outside of Chicago. She sculpts with porcelain and stoneware, creating small worlds. She also works on her family's design needs like her brother and sister’s breweries in Colorado or her other brother’s political campaigns. Mostly, she likes spending time with her family.

A little history:

Vanessa Skiles with the Neverhood team, sitting about in a group photo.

Vanessa once animated video games at the Neverhood.


Vanessa Skiles and the Insomniac Games team posing for a group photo.

And at Insomniac Games.


Vanessa Skiles sculpting with her friend who is also named Vanessa. 

Then she went to the Schools of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Both people in this photo are named Vanessa.


Vanessa Skiles' children in a cornfield on a sunny day with some wind turbines in the background.
Then she started a family and does ceramics whenever she can.
Her children are teens now, and are no longer wandering in cornfields.
(Note: those are soybeans. Her husband's family farm rotates
the two like most farms in the Midwest.)